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4 Barriers to a Successful Marketing Automation Implementation

Marketing Automation Barriers to Success

While we love supporting our sponsors and colleagues in the martech industry, we are still vendor agnostic when it comes to most solutions. The reason isn’t what we don’t believe some platforms are better than the other, there are definitely some standout companies. The reason is that the platform must be right for the company implementing and utilizing it.

Marketing Automation platforms are absolutely in this category. Some focus on sales, others on marketing. Some focus on B2B sales, others on B2C sales. Some have specific integrations, others attempt to do it all in-house. There is no one-size-fits-all marketing automation platform. Some require hefty implementation resources, others have pre-built campaigns ready to execute. Companies seeking to automate their marketing efforts need to analyze their resources, timeline, and strategy before ever looking for a marketing automation solution.

Around 58% of companies are yet to embrace marketing automation  Tweet This!, according to a 2015 study by Ascend2. So whether it’s lack of budget, time constraints or convoluted internal sign-off processes that are preventing your business from taking the plunge, this infographic will help you to overcome the challenges of adopting automation within your business. Ross Barnard, dotmailer

Dotmailer has put together this infographic with five common barriers to marketing automation implementation success:

  1. Time – It can be difficult to break the routine and take the time to analyze your strategy.
  2. Resources – Marketers often don’t have enough hands on to dedicate to researching alternative solutions.
  3. Internal Processes – Small changes can take a long time to implement at the most agile company.
  4. Budget – A decision-maker who isn’t tech-savvy could make it difficult for a marketer to demonstrate why a marketing automation software project shoudl be a top priority. As well, they may not accomodate implementation, training, maintenance and integration costs along with the platform licensing.
  5. Legacy Systems – Multiple clunky systems which have been in the business for years can slow progress with marketing automation.

Marketing Automation Infographic Prospects

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