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50+ Awesome Logo Design Resources Online

What’s the value of a logo? Ask a company like Nike and you might say millions of dollars – but the truth is that, in 1971, Nike paid $35 for their logo. These days, the going rate for professional logo design can be anywhere between $150 and $50,000. We recently worked with a client that spent $16,000 on a logo design only to find it when they did a Google Image Search for their industry… they got rid of the firm and did an online design contest instead for $250 and got an original, unique, and well-designed logo that fit their overall brand.

We absolutely see the value in an overall brand, branding guide, and accompanying logo. That can be significant investment, but companies who have made that investment have absolutely seen the results. Sometimes you simply can’t afford that, though, and we understand! If you just need a logo, in all honesty there are some amazing resources out there. Here are over 50 logo design resources I found online, from inspiration to awards, to contests and crowdsourcing, to blogs and history sites. Enjoy!

Articles and Infographics

The Making of a Logo

Love this video of a designer actually creating a logo in Adobe Illustrator.

Youtube video

How to Design the Perfect Logo

A logo is more than just a pretty image for customers to look at while they use a product or service. It’s the face of an entire brand, a symbol that determines how people feel about that particular company. For example, if a restaurant’s logo is cold and unappetizing, potential customers are going to associate that image with their food. CompanyFolders

How to Design a Perfect Logo

Logo Conversions

Sometimes you know what you want, but simply don’t have the talent to take your napkin sketch to a professional logo.

  • Logotypers – Upload a sketch (a picture with your phone, a PowerPoint file, or a drawing in Paint) and we’ll turn it into a great logo within hours.

Crowdsourced Logo Design resources:

Crowdsourced sites have distribution networks of graphic designers who can submit logos. The winner is awarded the money. (Great for you… not always great for the designers!)

  1. Crowdspring – crowdsourced from $200.
  2. DesignContest – launch your own contest from $100.
  3. DesignCrowd – Need a Logo Design? Crowdsource Your Designs Online Now!
  4. Digital Point – post your own price and requirements in these forums.
  5. eYeka – crowdsourced contests where you name your own price (upscale pricing and prizes).
  6. 48hoursLogo – crowdsourced design from $89
  7. GFX Contests – contests from $100
  8. Graphic Competitions – competition from $1,000
  9. GraphicRiver – logo designs and templates
  10. Hatchwise – contests from $100
  11. LogoMyWay – contests from $200.
  12. – Get the logo that you really want by choosing from 50-200+ custom designs from $275.
  13. 99designs – crowdsourced designs from $211
  14. MycroBurst – crowdsourced from $149
  15. pickyDESIGNS – Host your design contest
  16. ZenLayout – contests starting at $250
  17. ZillionDesign – crowdsourced design for as low as $50

Professional Logo Companies:

Agencies who provide logo services generally guarantee that their work is unique and work to match your logo to your overall brand.

  1. Affordable Logo Design – packages from $45.
  2. Affordable Logo Design (UK) – packages from £60.
  3. – packages from $99.
  4. BXC – branding company, request a quote.
  5. Chillink – a marketplace for unique logos from $199.


  1. Design Outpost – designs from $125
  2. Infinity Logo Design – designs from $89
  3. Inkd – professional design packages from $99
  4. LogoBee – designs from $199
  5. Logodog – designs from $245
  6. Logo Factory – logo designs from $395
  7. Logo Design Team – packages from $149
  8. Logo International Design Agency – contact for quotes
  9. The Logo Loft – packages from $99.
  10. – packages starting from $269.
  11. – packages starting at $27.
  12. Logotion – packages starting at $250.
  13. Logoworks – from HP, designs from $299.
  14. The NetMen – design starting from $149.
  15. Vistaprint – pre-made and automated logos starting for free utilizing their services.

Logo Inspiration Sites:

Perhaps you’d like to try to create your own logo or find a few inspiring ones to refer to! Here are some great resource sites for logos.

  1. Blog-omotives – from branding consultant Jeff Fisher
  2. Creattica – a site from Envato
  3. Famous Logos – a website dedicated to bringing you some of the best news, reviews, and information related to the logo design industry.
  4. Logobird – Logobird is a London-based design blog & studio.
  5. The Logo Company – Custom Logo Designs… taking designs to new heights.
  6. iconic logo designers – a site dedicated to the best logo designers in history.
  7. Logo Bliss – logo design inspiration and gallery site.


  1. LogoPond – Logopond showcases the best in identity work from around the web. Logo artist from all development stages and areas of the world frequent this site.
  2. Logo Blog – Logo Blog is dedicated to being the web’s premiere resource for logo design.
  3. Logo Design Blog – Logo Designer Blog is a blog focused purely on branding, logo & identity design.
  4. Logo Design Love – Logo Design Love is a website (and now a book) devoted to logos from graphic designer David Airey. Be sure to check out David’s post on 5 resources to download vector logos!
  5. Logo From Dreams Awards – a blog with monthly submissions and a monthly winner.
  6. Logolog – Logolog is a blog about logo design.
  7. Logolounge – news and trends on logos.
  8. Media Bistro – annual logo awards site.

Buy Vector Logo files to Design Your Own

We love our sponsors at Depositphotos and they have a ton of logos that you can purchase the vector files for. See something close to what you need? Buy it, download it and make it your own!

Tips for your selecting your next logo design:

  • You get what you pay for! Professional logo designers understand that, aside from communicating your brand, a great logo resizes well, looks good in gray scales, is unique and attractive, and works well to develop a web site around.
  • Your logo isn’t your brand, it’s a representation of the brand you wish to present to the public. If your company hasn’t developed a branding guide or a brand marketing strategy, contact a branding agency that can help you. This often includes developing a logo for your company.
  • Make sure that you are guaranteed an original logo. Some of the design contests and crowdsourcing sites are having problems with designers utilizing existing logo designs to make new ones. If this should happen to you, you should be able to get your money back. Be sure to utilize Google Image search to try to identify these cheats and report them to the site.
  • Ensure that the cost of the logo includes delivery in a graphics format (typically vector – AI, EPS, or PS) so that you can use it for online, print, or any other needs.

Did you know that 62% of logos are bicolor and the most used shape is a circle as well as the most used animal is a fish? Creating a logo which stands out in a crowd and enhances marketing materials would be easier with infographic which depicts overall trends of logo choice. Here are some survey results on logo design that Designcontest has put in an infographic:


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Turn Your Customers into Brand Champions

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Download a Sponsored Marketing Whitepaper:

Turn Your Customers into Brand Champions

Turn Your Customers into Brand Champions

Online Reputation Whitepaper Download Now

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