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7 Strategies to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Instagram Marketing

For clients that want to increase awareness and grow a community of followers, visual marketing like Instagram has led the pack on engagement. In fact, 70% of Instagram users have looked up a brand on the platform, with 62% of users following a brand  Tweet This!

This infographic from M2 On Hold provides some facts, the opportunity, some setup basics and 7 strategies that help you reach your marketing goals on Instagram:

  1. Showcase your products or services – I recently finished a project integrating multiple locations with Google Maps, galleries, and other features into a site. I shared a screenshot on Instagram. It’s not that I expect the phone to blow up, but we do want folks that follow us to see our capabilities.
  2. Build your community – Instagram provides some great follow tools that you should take advantage of. Facebook connections are announced as well as people who follow you on Instagram. Keep in mind that Instagram has a limit to how many people you can follow, so once you get there – you’ll need to start unfollowing accounts you’re not interacting with.
  3. Increase awareness of your brand – Yes, I will move a little to the left or right to get my logo in the shot. Seriously, if you’re going to take a great photo, why not? Visual awareness of a brand really does help your business build credibility. You can, of course, go a bit overboard – but a modest selection of branded photos is great on Instagram.
  4. Showcase company culture – We support a ton of events, venues, non-profits, and startups in our community, so we love to showcase them on our Instagram account. We also love dogs and bourbon… you’ll find those on my Instagram as well.
  5. Advertise to potential customers – We’ve honestly not seen a lot of direct conversion activity via visual advertising, but we do love sharing premium content through the channel. While people may not setup a sales meeting with us, they will download collateral from us.
  6. Improve brand loyalty – I’m not sure our brands are so large that loyalty is an issue, but we do appreciate it when folks like our products, services, partners, clients, events, and other business we’re doing. I’m not sure how it could hurt us!
  7. Update Instagram with company news – Got a mention in the news? Take a great screenshot and share it with your community. Mentions from third parties are the validation of your authority online.

I may be breaking the rules (as I normally do), but I have a single Instagram account that combines both my personal and business life. I love being transparent and sharing my life on Instagram, and it continues to get a great reaction. You’ll find my love of family, my dog Gambino, my business, events I attend, and – of course – you’ll find some sprinkling of great bourbon intertwined.

Instagram Marketing Infographic

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© 2017 DK New Media. All Rights Reserved. Visit and Subscribe to MarTech today!

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