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8 Ways for You to Create Content that Creates Customers

These last few weeks, we’ve been analyzing all of our clients’ content to identify the content that’s driving the most awareness, engagement, and conversions. Every company that hopes to acquire leads or to grow their business online has to have content. With trust and authority being two keys to any purchase decision and content drives those decisions online.

That said, it only requires a quick look at your analytics before you figure out that the majority of content isn’t attracting anything. Given the cost of building out a site, optimizing that site, researching your market, and producing that content – it’s a shame that it’s often never actually read.

We’re focusing our strategies for our clients this year so that every piece of content isn’t a dramatic investment. A few ways we’re working to optimize our clients’ content:

  • Aggregation – Over the years, some of our clients have accumulated a dozen articles all focused on a similar topic. We’re putting those posts into a comprehensive article that’s well-organized and easy for readers to digest. Then we’re redirecting all of the unused URLs to the complete article and publishing it as new with the best-ranking URL.
  • Migration – Some of our clients are producing articles, podcasts, and videos – all separately. This is expensive and unnecessary. One of the programs we’ve built has our client in once a month to record a few podcasts. When we’re recording the podcasts, we’re also recording them on video. Then we’re utilizing the transcription of those interviews to feed our writers to develop the content. As content performance increases, we may even utilize infographics and whitepapers to expand on the response and then paid promotion to expand their reach.
  • Enhancement – Many of the articles are well-written but are out of date or lack imagery. We’re working to enhance those articles, and we also publish them at the same URL as new articles. Why write an entirely new article for a given topic given the effort already applied?

Those are just three strategies that we’re using to develop content that performs better. Our colleague, Brian Downard, has identified some specific ways to create content that creates customers in his new infographic, 8 Ways To Create Content That Creates Customers:

  1. Create content for brand awareness AND for sales – Don’t just create content with the goal of attracting readers, create content that converts leads and sales too.
  2. Answer “pre-buying” questions with content – Create content around specific questions that you regularly get from your prospects and customers.
  3. Create more “evergreen” content and resources – Choose your topics wisely, so your content will not lose its value a few months after it was created.
  4. Amplify the RIGHT content with paid advertising – Promote brand awareness content and “retarget” those readers with your conversion-focused content.
  5. Create content people can physically own – Significantly increase the perceived value of your content by putting it into a downloadable PDF.
  6. Establish a “knowledge gap” people want to fill – Your content should provide value while still leaving a “cliffhanger” that makes people want to know more.
  7. Upgrade your design game with professional graphics – Most of us aren’t great designers. Instead, find and buy pre-made images and graphics for your content.
  8. Include a strong, smart call to action – Never leave your readers hanging, give them a clear action to take so they can take the next step.

Of course, if you need assistance – be sure to check out one of Brian’s great classes or you can hire our content agency!

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