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An Interview with Don Wettrick, Author of Pure Genius: Creating a Culture of Innovation

In his book Pure Genius, Don Wettrick encourages teachers and administrators to collaborate–with experts, students, and one another–to create compelling, and even life-changing opportunities for learning. Innovation is the key to equipping today’s students for tomorrow’s marketplace. By incorporating the concepts Don explains in Pure Genius, you can empower the next generation to be free thinkers who can create new concepts and products that can change the way we live.

In Don Wettrick’s Book, He Shares How

  • Innovation brings a fresh approach to solving real problems
  • Creative ways to work within the constraints your current budget and system
  • Courses that offer relevant content can inspire students to learn beyond the classroom
  • Collaborating with experts and mentors improves the learning experience for students and teachers
  • Students must be taught and entrusted to appropriately use social media
  • Social media is an incredible resource for inspiration and professional development

Don and I discuss the state of innovation and startups, our own business, and how innovation is being taught (or not being taught in our school systems). Don is a good friend and an incredible talent in the education industry. He’s running against the current, and you’ll hear how he started his programs and the results with the children whose lives he’s touched.

What’s the Impact on Digital Marketing?

Ok, I know we’re the MarTech blog… why would we interview an educator? Well, I’m in the minority in my industry haven’t ever attained a degree. I was honorably discharged from the United States Navy after 6 years, and my first key position was with a Newspaper that decided to be an early adopter of Internet technologies. Before most companies knew what the Internet was, my employers invested a ton of education and time in building my expertise. That soon shifted to digital marketing and database marketing technologies… and boom, here I am.

So with the rapid advancements in digital technologies, is it still worthwhile heading off to college and burying yourself in debt? Universities simply cannot develop a curriculum in time to prepare graduates for the digital marketing workplace. However, my business partner Jenn Lisak graduated from Butler with a Marketing degree. At two-thirds my age, Jenn’s understanding of buying behavior, communication, and motivation theory is well beyond mine. Her foundation in marketing theory and my practical and tactical ability to apply it make a perfect combination.

So, if you want to be a successful marketer or hire a marketer, is a marketing degree required? I’m not sure of the answer but you should listen to our conversation! And be sure to check out Don’s initiative – StartEdUp.

Listen to our Podcast with Don Wettrick

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