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An Interview with Emeric Ernoult, Co-Founder of Agorapulse

Emeric Ernoult is the co-founder of AgoraPulse, a social media marketing platform launched in 2011 and based in Paris and San Francisco. AgoraPulse is currently being used by more than 5,000 businesses across 180 countries.

Since 2000, Emeric has been one of the European pioneers in the field of Social Media Marketing. He has advised French and international brands such as Virgin, FIA and Microsoft. He is a regular speaker at International conferences such as the AllFAcebook Marketing Conference, Facebook Success Summit and BOLO. He is also an accredited instructor at the Online Marketing Institute.

In our interview with Emeric, we discuss the organic road to growth that AgoraPulse has taken, the culture difference the startup has taken without deep VC pockets or investments, and how they succeeded in a very busy MarTech space. As well, we discuss marketing challenges, the changing social media landscape, and the impact of future technologies like artificial intelligence on social media.

Unlike many startups in the space, Emeric grew the Agorapulse organically. In 2016, the company grew from 100k to 245k in monthly revenue. That’s incredible growth for a self-funded SaaS business. Emeric credits the growth to a few factors:

  1. Accounting – without investment money, every expense was carefully scrutinized.
  2. Feedback – Agorapulse prides itself on listening and responding to their customers.
  3. Simplicity – a core mission is to keep their platform simple for social media marketers and they stay true to their mission.

It’s a fantastic conversation and be sure to listen to through to the end to find out how you can get 6 months of Agorapulse at no cost!

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