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An Interview with Gina Bianchini, CEO and Founder of Mighty Networks

In my personal, publishing and marketing lives, I continue to grow weary of social networks. Each month the time that I spend on each continues to tick down. There are many reasons but – at its core – I don’t believe social networks like Facebook and Twitter have evolved much from the days of Forums and Bulletin Boards. You post a topic, you comment, you move on.

Each network is a catch-all – an amalgamation of several of my true networks – my family, my dog, my appreciation of bourbon, my love of political debates, my love of hard rock, my marketing, and my client work. The problem is that members of many of those networks who follow and friend me are bored or even insulted with some of the other topics. Facebook wants to be everything to everyone but that’s not how physical networks actually work. In the real world, we pass from one network to the other…  with little or no overlap in between.

As we looked to grow our own audience here into a community, we struggled with where to place that community and what tools to utilize to foster those real-world relationships. We happened upon Mighty Networks and that was the end of our search. Gina Bianchini founded Mighty Networks and built the tool that we needed for our MarTech Community.

Mighty Networks, in my opinion, is the future of social networking. Everything within the platform is user-centric – from a flawless mobile application to geographic networking, polls and quizzes, event management, and dozens of other features. Where other social networks feel like I’m walking into a universe, our MarTech community feels as though I’m walking into a room with the colleagues I most respect.

In this interview with Gina, she describes her vision for Mighty Networks, how social networking really works and shares some of the amazing communities that are utilizing the platform to its fullest capabilities. Gina also shares some of the focus the company has on future features.

Mighty Network Communities:

For the past decade, social platforms–such as Facebook–have connected us by our identities–the city where we were born, the college we attended, or our first job–solidifying red states and blue, conservative and liberal, and the equivalents around the world. Mighty Networks cuts across these identities by focusing on the interests that are most important to us–like our dream profession, a shared medical condition or an all-consuming hobby. Here are a few examples:

  • Beyond Type 1 – Started by Sarah Lucas, Juliet de Baubigny and Nick Jonas in June 2015 as a social media following, Beyond Type 1 shifted their most passionate fans and followers into a Mighty Network in June 2016. Fast forward to today with 16,000 members, Sarah says, “our Mighty Network runs itself.” After a series of polls that uncovered nearly half of its members had been misdiagnosed as children, she collaborated with the American Academy of Pediatrics to launch an educational campaign about early symptoms that has since been adopted by 15,000 doctors’ offices across seven states.
  • CoCommercial – Run by entrepreneur coach Tara Gentile, the bestselling author of The Art of Earning, her Mighty Network, CoCommercial, is a grad school for savvy digital entrepreneurs and small business owners. Since moving her online community to a Mighty Network, her classes boast a nearly 100 percent completion rate, up from 30 percent in only one year.
  • Inspire – Launched in March 2017 by David Jay and his team at Shoot & Share, a contest for professional photographers, Inspire is a Mighty Network for professional photographers that swelled to nearly 9,000 members in a few short weeks. According to David, before launching his own network, they had to spend months–if not, years–getting to the same activity they achieved at launch.

About Gina Bianchini

Gina Bianchini is the Founder & CEO of Mighty Networks. Mighty Networks takes direct aim at ordinary groups with a new social network totally re-imagined for deep interests on mobile. Anyone can create a Mighty Network for free. It’s easy to get started and when you invite members in, you’ll instantly see people near you, by the topics you choose, and the categories you define. Everything for your interest is in one place, with content and conversations that never get lost.

Before Mighty Networks, Gina and Marc Andreessen co-founded Ning, a pioneering social platform for niche networks online. Under her leadership, Ning grew to 90 million people across 300,000 active communities in entertainment, politics, and education.

In addition to Mighty Networks, Gina serves on the board of directors of Scripps Networks, which owns HGTV, The Food Network and The Travel Channel. Gina and Mighty Networks have been featured in Fast Company, Bloomberg, Wired, and The New York Times. She has appeared on Charlie Rose, CNBC, and CNN. She grew up in Cupertino, California, graduated with honors from Stanford University, and received her M.B.A from Stanford Business School.

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