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Autopilot Launches Insights, a Customer Journey Tracker for Marketers

Autopilot Insights

82% of customers stopped doing business with a company in 2016 after a bad experience according to Mary Meeker’s latest Internet Trends Report. Lack of data and insights could be preventing marketers from advancing in their careers: new data shows that One-third of marketers lack the data and analytics they need to assess their performance  Tweet This!, and 82% said better analytics would help them advance in their career.

Autopilot Launches Insights

Autopilot has launched Insights – a visual fitness tracker for marketers help them set, track, and achieve goals. Insights visualizes specific goals and key metrics (email signups, event attendance, etc.), to unearth which messages and channels are working, and was recently used by Microsoft Developer Group ahead of their annual BUILD conference to track and meet their signup goals.

Autopilot Insights Screenshot

Insights provides a way for marketers to visualize and track the performance of their customer journeys against a goal, much like a fitness tracking app. Within 60 seconds, marketers can track the winning channels, metrics, and messages needed to convert more revenue and optimize for a better customer experience.

Over 700 Autopilot customers participated in early testing of Insights, with more than half saying Insights helped them significantly increase journey performance, and 71 percent said they now feel more confident in the impact of their marketing.

With Insights, I’ve been able to delve into the minutia of each step in our journeys and optimize on what’s been working. It’s been really good to connect the growth that’s unfolding with our sales department back to the nurture journeys in Autopilot. Kevin Sides, CMO of Shipmonk

Key Insights Capabilities Include

  • Goal tracking: Insights helps to rally teams around key business goals by allowing users the opportunity to create, achieve, and share their journey conversion goals in a few clicks.
  • Conversion metrics: Never lose focus on the end goal – conversion. Monitor conversion trends and see who, and how quickly, someone converts across any channel from email to postcard.
  • Aggregate email performance: See how your emails are performing and trending at a roll up, journey-level. Identify key times and days of the week to send emails by looking at results in various increments, and even get as deep as hourly level performance.
  • Identify winning messages: Drill into individual, multichannel message results on a day-by-day basis. Easily compare A/B tests and determine winners.

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About Autopilot

Autopilot is visual marketing software for automating customer journeys. With native integrations to Salesforce, Twilio, Segment, Slack and Zapier and the ability to connect to over 800 purpose-built tools, we empower marketers to nurture relationships and grow high-paying customers using email, web, SMS and direct mail channels.

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