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Cision Adds Influencer Marketing Measurement To Their Communications Cloud

Cision Communications Cloud

One important factor you have to keep in mind in the MarTech industry is that most companies are on a continuous improvement cycle to differentiate and grow their business. The platform that you used a few years ago may not even exist anymore. Cision is one of those companies that I’ve honestly not paid as much attention to as I should have. They were definitely a market share leader when it came to public relations, but they’ve since expanded their capabilities in the influencer marketing industry substantially.

Cision Campaign Reporting

In fact, they’ve recently announced new features and product enhancements to the Cision Communications Cloud, including integrations with Google Analytics and Adobe Omniture to measure the return on influence investments. This update will also introduce Cision Data Connect, the ability to monitor and analyze new social media channels and two new Cision Influencer Graph features: “You Might Also Like,” and “Trending Influencers”.

Cision Recommendations

Cision Communications Cloud Features Include

  • Multi-channel PR campaign management – enabling users to direct PR campaigns across channels, influencers, press releases, email pitching and social media in one interactive dashboard.
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Adobe Omniture enables communicators to connect influencer outreach and the resulting news coverage to activity on their company’s web and e-commerce experiences. By viewing the success of PR campaigns through the lens of web analytics tools, communicators can demonstrate how earned media campaigns drive e-commerce revenue or sales leads on their owned properties.
  • The Cision Influencer Graph “You Might Also Like” feature provides data-driven recommendations based on audience geography, demographics and interests to help identify influencers on Twitter who can reach the targeted end consumer. “Trending Influencers” allows users to find influencers as they are rising in prominence on a particular topic, in order to reach them before they have peaked in popularity.
  • The Cision Comms Cloud now includes Facebook, Instagram and YouTube content on the same platform as print, online and broadcast material, in addition to the already included Twitter content, allowing users to monitor the complete story across all important channels. Comments, mentions, and trends can now easily be segmented by the company, message, executives or products.

Cision Streams

The latest release of the Cision Comms Cloud addresses two of the industry’s biggest challenges: navigating communications through thousands of influencers and dozens of channels; and attributing real, bottom-line business impact to these efforts. Today’s product enhancements enable marketing communications professionals to tackle these challenges head on, equipped with one comprehensive platform and meaningful analytics and data. Kevin Akeroyd, CEO of Cision

Cision Audience Insights

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