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Executive Presence & Why It’s Important for Marketers

The marketing tech space is full of great talent: strategists, content writers, omni-channel experts, designers, developers and more. However, with over 4,000 different marketing technology tools, that also means the market is highly saturated. How can you—as a qualified and knowledgeable marketer—stand out in your organization or among the other talented marketers in this space?

In this week’s Martech interview series, we spoke with Alexandra Rufatto-Perry of Accent On Business, an executive presence and communications advisory firm that works with competitive professionals who want to project a confident and competent image. She works with a variety of executives on how to say what it is that they need or want to say, while looking and feeling their confident and influential best.

In other words, Accent On Business teaches executive presence.

Why Does Executive Presence Matter for Marketers?

For a lot of people, executive presence is really elusive. However, according to Alex, it’s more important than you think:

“Executive presence makes up for 25% of what gets people their next job, big job promotion, gets them to the next level in their organization. It’s really that thing that we look for in people that says, ‘They’re going somewhere; they’re doing something’.”

Executive presence is really made up of three elements:

  • Style: how you look, how you carry yourself, how you sit at the table, your gestures, movement, and how you sound.
  • Substance: depth of your knowledge and subject matter expertise.
  • Character: your value system on display.

Executives already have subject matter expertise, and our character is fairly set. Alex spends most of her time working with people on style.

An Interview with Alexandra Rufatto-Perry

Listen to this amazing interview with Alex that covers:

  • What is executive presence?
  • Why it’s important for marketers.
  • How to use the three elements of executive presence to your advantage.


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