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Fathers Day Ecommerce Statistics

Father's Day Ecommerce Statistics

It’s almost Father’s Day! I lost my Pops a few years ago, so take the time to hug your Dad and buy him a gift… even if it’s just a few bucks. He’ll love it even if he doesn’t show it. This time of year I find myself at Lowes looking at the cool tools and I think just for a split second… “I’m going to grab one of those for Dad” and then I remember he’s not with us anymore. 🙁

Let’s brighten this conversation up. The great news for Dads is that we’re getting more attention these days… mugs, ties, or socks are still popular but specialty gifts are on skyrocketing online. AdRoll analyzed its 35,000 advertisers in the two weeks leading up to Father’s Day last year to see what industries were driving more traction around the holiday. They found:

  • Globally, specialty retailers and apparel saw higher conversation rates than sporting goods and consumer electronics respectively. Specialty retailers saw a 71.3% increase in click-through conversions (CTC) and a 254.9% higher conversion rate than the sporting goods industry. Apparel saw a 342% higher conversion rate than consumer electronics.
  • Auto retailers across the Americas saw a 100% increase in CTC.
  • North Atlantic and Central Europe (NACE) saw a 109.5% increase in specialty retail conversions.
  • APAC saw an 88.9% increase in sporting goods conversions.
  • South-Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (SEEMA) saw a 33.9% increase in view-through conversions (VTC) across consumer electronics.
  • Latin America saw a 44.8% increase in conversions across apparel.

Here’s a great infographic on 2016 Father’s Day spending from

Father's Day Ecommerce Statistics

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