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G.Skill Unveils Fast and Capacious 32GB Ripjaws DDR4-3000 RAM for Laptops

Little modules with big capacity

GSkill Ripjaws DDR4-3000

G.Skill’s one of the more active participants in the DRAM space, especially when it comes to high-end desktop kits for enthusiasts and overclockers. Be that as it may, its latest offering is aimed at laptop users and small form factor (SFF) builds that use SO-DIMMs.

Those users now have access to high-speed, high-capacity options in the form of G.Skill’s Ripjaws DDR4-3000 memory kits, now available in configurations of up to 32GB (16GBx2).

“Foreseeing the growing demand of high-end gaming laptops and small form-factor PCs, G.SKILL continues the development of higher speed DDR4 SO-DIMM memory. Today, G.SKILL is excited to raise the maximum support of DDR4 SO-DIMM frequency to 3000MHz CL16. Most importantly, this frequency speed is achieved at a low voltage of 1.2V, while DDR4-3000MHz kits typically require a higher 1.35V,” G.Skill says.

The lower voltage should result in a smaller thermal footprint, or so that’s part of G.Skill’s sales pitch, though it’s probably not significant enough to make all that much of a difference. Nevertheless, at 1.2V, it’s lower than many competing competing kits. And while not advertised, it could also be indicative of overclocking headroom with a small voltage bump, provided that’s something you’re interested in doing on your notebook or NUC-sized device.

In addition to 32GB kits, G.Skill is also offering its Ripjaws DDR4-3000 SO-DIMM memory in 16GB single modules, 16GB kits (8GBx2), and 8GB single modules, all rated to run at 16-18-18-43.

No word yet on price or availability.

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