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Google Analytics Launches Data Studio (Beta)

Google Analytics Report Data Visualization

Google Analytics has launched Data Studio, a companion to analytics for building reports and dashboards.

Google Data Studio (beta) provides everything you need to turn your data into beautiful, informative reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable. Data Studio lets you create up to 5 custom reports with unlimited editing and sharing. All for free — currently only available in the U.S.

Google Data Studio is a new data visualization product that integrates data across multiple Google products and other data sources ― turning it into beautiful, interactive reports and dashboards with built-in real-time collaboration. Here’s a sample marketing report:


We’ve sampled some great tools that integrate with Google Analytics to build beautiful reports, like Wordsmith for Marketing, a platform built for agencies to review, edit, and send a standard selection of Google Analytics reports to their clients. This appears to compete head to head, enabling the customization of reports that can be easily shared.

Without a tool, Analytics users typically exported the data and then pushed it into spreadsheets to output standardized reports. Google Data Studio overcomes this, providing real-time access that is both direct and dynamic.

Features of Google Data Studio:

  • Connect to Google Analytics, AdWords and other data sources with ease.
  • Unify data from different Analytics accounts and views into the same report.
  • Customize beautiful, tailored reports for the look and feel of your organization.
  • Share only the data you want to share with specific individuals or groups of users.

Currently, the beta is open to United States properties only.

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