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Google Optimizer Launches for Marketers for Testing

Google Optimizer

Google Optimizer has launched in beta to a limited group of users. I was able to sign up and did a walk-through of the platform today and all I can say is – wow. There are 3 reasons why I believe this is going to be a huge disruptor in the testing market. In fact, if I was a testing platform, I might be freaking out right now.

  1. The user interface is consistent with other platforms like Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, so if you’ve used those platforms you’ll find navigating Google Optimizer a breeze.
  2. The platform is seamlessly built on Google Analytics, enabling you to use your existing Google Analytics site data to quickly and easily identify areas of your site that can be improved upon.
  3. It’s free. There are additional features available with Google Optimize 360 – like audience targeting, unlimited multivariate testing, Ad hoc experiment objectives, advanced simultaneous experiment capabilities, implementation services, service level agreements.

As with all other optimization and testing platforms, Google Optimizer utilizes advanced statistical modeling, and Bayesian statistical methods to model your experiments. Google Optimizer uses sophisticated targeting tools like advanced experiment targeting to let you deploy the right experience to your customers at the right time.

You can setup an A/B test, Multivariate Test, or Redirect Test:

Google Optimizer Experiment

The platform does require Google Chrome and a Google Optimizer extension installed… but for good reason. Rather than having to hack your way through code and page elements, the extension allows you to just drag and update elements as needed.


That’s our redesigned Agency site built on WordPress with a video background… and no issues whatsoever using Google Optimizer! Be sure to sign up!

Google Optimize Summary

Reporting provides both a result and in-depth analysis of all of your experiments.

Google Optimize Experiment

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