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How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn for Marketing

When it comes to business, I use LinkedIn much more than other social media platforms. Most of my time is spent working my network, but as we continue to grow our audience and sponsorships, I know that I need to leverage other tools within LinkedIn. This infographic from LinkedIn reveals three strategies for marketing on LinkedIn as well as a breakdown of how.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

LinkedIn sponsored content with a statistic saw a 37% higher click-through rate and 162% more impressions  Tweet This!. Short updates and visuals drove a lot more engagement, but LinkedIn recommends you test different headlines, post lengths, images, and content mixes. As an example, LinkedIn A/B tested the term “eBook” versus “guide” and guide saw a 100% increase in click-through rate.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn used a dynamic macro to pull the member’s name in the greeting, sent a personalized InMail to raise awareness about their blog and added 1,240 subscribers (a 6% conversion rate). They continuously A/B test subject lines, calls-to-action, and target audiences to optimize and increase conversion rates.

When LinkedIn used both Sponsored Content and InMail together, they saw a 25% increase in Sponsored InMail open rates and 95% increase in click-through rates. They do recommend keeping your messages under 1,000 characters.

LinkedIn Campaign Insider Tips

LinkedIn sees the best conversion rates when they target the audience, test the messaging, address the audience directly, and bid aggressively. In fact, when they set bids 10% higher than the maximum suggested bid, they saw a 15% higher click-through rate and 27% more conversions.

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