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IndyBigData Conference | Indianapolis | September 1, 2016

Big Data

This year’s IndyBigData Conference will be focused on creating a big data culture of success and exploring topics such as thinking and doing things differently than you or your organization have ever done before. Another important piece of the Conference will be taking a look at the new tools and technologies that have hit the market in the last year.

The conference track will ask, How will we thrive in a connected world? In response, you will hear thoughts and perspectives about how you should prepare and manage the massive onslaught of information that is coming our way through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Additional Big Data Topics

  • Big data visualization, analytics, outcomes and insights
  • Creating a winning big data culture and environment
  • Preparing for the onslaught of big data being generated by the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Learning the latest big data tools of the trade
  • Managing missteps on the journey to successful big data implementations
  • Big data security and threat intelligence
  • Big data IP security, and risk mitigation
  • Big data technologies including Google Cloud, Hadoop
  • How Lilly, state government, smart cities, and P&G uses big data
  • Big data in healthcare

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