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Integrate Voucher, Coupon, and Discount Code Solutions

Coupon or Discount Code

Discount codes are an optimal means of enticing your visitor to close. Whether it’s a bulk discount or just free shipping, a discount can make all the difference. In the past, we’ve build them ourselves utilizing barcode fonts and then tracking them to an email address. It wasn’t fun… especially once you add the complexity of multiple redemptions, code sharing, etc. Additionally, the fonts worked great online, but we had to build an image of them dynamically for email.

Voucher, discount and coupon codes are often abused, so a platform for tracking them is essential. Two systems were recently discussed in an email forum I belong to:

iVoucher – Voucher Marketing Platform

iVoucher allows you to fully manage and deploy all your voucher, coupon and discount codes from a single, hosted platform.

  • Create Vouchers – Build attractive vouchers automatically optimized for email, web, social and mobile using their user interface.
  • Publish Vouchers – Publish vouchers across multiple channels simultaneously to achieve maximum reach.
  • Capture Data – Data captured through branded landing pages allows you to easily manage customer relationships from within the platform.
  • Redeem Vouchers – Redeem vouchers securely in real-time, online and in store.
  • Reporting – Comprehensive reporting functionality means you can capture and manage every customer interaction with your vouchers.

Voucherify – Voucher Marketing API

For those of you that would want to develop a robust solution and integrate it internally, Voucherify offers a robust API to enter, track, and redeem coupon codes from any source.


With their REST API, codes can be integrated into websites (client-side JS SDK, voucherify checkout widget), mobile apps (Android and iOS SDKs), or the back-end (PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Java SDKs, Node.js sample app) of your platform. Robust SDKs are all available.

voucherify api

Click through for a live demonstration:


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