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Interview: Michael Reynolds on the Sophistication of Facebook Marketing

Michael Reynolds of SpinWeb

Michael Reynolds started SpinWeb 20 years ago and now has 20 employees! The agency serves a niche in conservative, security-conscious, highly regulated industries. They’re a very successful Hubspot partner with a designing and executing measurable inbound marketing strategies.

You may wonder how financial institutions are utilizing Hubspot. SpinWeb has developed proven client education campaigns for their clients that drive prospects from reading, listening or watching educational content through the inbound funnel to opening up an account. SpinWeb accelerates this growth through paid advertising, and you may be surprised to find out that Michael’s team uses Facebook Marketing central to their successful campaigns!

Michael notes that many companies immediately look at LinkedIn as an ideal platform for getting leads, but he counters that the sophistication of Facebook’s targeting far outpaces the tools of other social advertising platforms. Lead ads, custom audiences, and targeting. Targeting options include Custom Audiences, Location, Demographics, Age & Gender, Interests, Behaviors and Connections.

As Michael speaks to marketers, he’s frustrated that most companies believe Facebook Marketing is limited to boosting posts. He mentions that this is 1% of the available options that you can accomplish within Facebook… boosted posts being the bare minimum. Michael’s focus is to accelerate the generation of leads and doing the bare minimum isn’t going to work. He recently shared an article on using Lead Ads to boost Webinar Registrations.

Michael is betting on Facebook heavily because of its rapid development of marketing tools, intelligence, and integrations. I think he’s onto something!

Our Interview with Michael Reynolds

Michael is a great public speaker, has a fantastic marketing podcast, SpinRadio. Be sure to follow him and have him speak to your next event!

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