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Interview: Tiffany Sauder on Why The Martech Solutions You Bought Aren’t Getting Used (& How to Change That)

As the President of a three-time Inc. 5000 company and HubSpot Agency of the Year award-winning agency, Tiffany Sauder understands the challenges with MarTech implementations.

Tiffany has a very frank conversation on the pitfalls many businesses go through in implementing a marketing technology solution, the issues associated with expectations from a variety of content sources across the digital marketing sphere, and the reality of what companies can do to implement marketing technology successfully.

If you’re a growing company ready to jump into an implementation, you will not want to miss Tiffany’s advice. If you’ve established your technology footing and are thinking of switching, there are also words of wisdom here.

Tiffany is both a leader in our industry and in my city, so I can’t put into words how appreciative I am of Tiffany taking time out of her incredibly busy schedule to stop down and share her wisdom with our audience! Be sure to subscribe to the E3 newsletter (click the subscribe link in the footer) for expert advice from Tiffany and her team at Element Three.

About Tiffany Sauder and Her Agency, Element Three

Business first. That’s the tagline of Element Three, a full-service brand and marketing agency based in Indianapolis that works across channels to solve real business problems for clients who want to be market leaders.

Business First is also the axiom that fuelsElement Three’s President Tiffany Sauder’s own approach to growing an enterprise. When the former financial analyst took the helm of the company in 2006, Sauder was 24. Over ten years later, she’s catapulted annual revenues by over 950 percent.

From coaching executives through the brand considerations of an acquisition to helping them use marketing and sales technology to track marketing performance, Sauder understands that success results from an integrated approach to business, brand, and creativity. Tiffany has been interviewed by the Harvard Business Review and participated in panels hosted by Ad Age and TechPoint.

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