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Over 100 Authors Share Their Knowledge in the Better Business Book

What if you could speak to 100 business people and have them share their biggest nugget of advice? This was the thought behind the the Better Business Book, a project developed by Tyler and the team at the Self-Publishing System.

A Sampling of the Better Business Book

  • All Your Excuses Debunked: Two Case Studies That Prove You Don’t Need Any Experience, Money or Help to Start a Successful Business – pg. 9
  • You Only Need to Be Right Once – One of the Greatest Artists of All Time Created Over 50,000 Different Pieces of Published
  • Why ‘Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow’ Is One of the Worst Pieces of Advice You Will Ever Receive (and What You Should Do Instead) – pg. 17
  • Discover the Reason Behind 99% of Your Previous Failures (You Will Be Surprised How Simple It Is) and Then Use This
  • Simple Trick to Ensure You Never Get Paralyzed by Fear and Overwhelm Again – pg. 32
  • 7 Steps I Followed to Make $500 for My First Suzuki Over 10 Years Ago (Fast Forward to Today ) I Still Take These Steps Every Time I Want to Achieve Something Big) – pg. 45
  • Missing Out on Opportunities Because due to Lack of Experience? The Lesson I Learned From the Top Needlecraft Sales Representative in the Country (Who Could Barely Thread a Needle) Helped Me Build Multiple Successful Businesses in Different Niches – From Film and TV to Dating – pg. 57
  • French Restaurant Owner Works 9 Days Straight, Covering Extra Shifts + Overtime for $1800 While His Guest, Financial Advisor, Makes the Same Amount in 35 Minutes. Find Out What Makes the Difference (Hint: It’s Not His Degree) – pg. 60
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Running an Online Business – Learn How to See the Good, Cope with the Bad, Stay Away From the Ugly and Enjoy Every Minute of Your Entrepreneurial Journey – pg. 69\
  • Forget What You Learned In Business School – That’s Not How the Selling Process Works! Learn How to Use the O.S.C.A.R. Approach to Close Any Deal Without Sounding Like an Annoying Salesperson (Really, You Will Be Able to Sell Crutches to an Olympic Sprinter) – pg. 77

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My nugget was selected as a chapter, Stop Listening to Everyone, where I share the best business lesson in my career that was learned the hard way… through a really disastrous year at our agency. I made some really terrible business decisions. What did I learn to get the company back on track? What would I have done differently? I hope you buy the book and see for yourself!

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