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PaveAI: Someone Finally Found Answers in Google Analytics!

For years we’ve struggled with both clients and professionals making poor decisions based on analytics. There are several shortcomings, especially with Google Analytics, that people aren’t often aware of:

  • Fake Traffic – analytics traffic doesn’t include visits made by bots. The problem is that there are millions of bots out there that obscure their identity as a bot. They visit once for a brief moment, artificially increasing your bounce rates and reducing your time on site. Without properly filtering for it, you could make some poor decisions.
  • Ghost Traffic / Referral Spam – there are idiots out there that spoof your analytics pixel and drive up your traffic showing that they’re a referral site to yours. You can’t even block them since they don’t visit your site at all! Again, not filtering those visits from you can impact your decisions.
  • Inadvertent Traffic – what about visitors that came to your site on purpose, but left because they were looking for something else? We had a client once that ranked very high for a local radio station’s calling code. Every time there was a contest on the radio, their traffic spiked. We removed the page and requested it be removed from search engines – but not before it wreaked havoc on the marketing team there who couldn’t find it.

So how do you filter and segment your analytics data down to a usable, statistically valid segment that enables you to accurately analyze visitor behavior?

PaveAI: Automated Analytics Insights

Welcome, PaveAI. PaveAI allows you to integrate Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads (via Facebook Business Manager) and Twitter Ads. Their platform then uses an AI algorithm and various statistical classifiers based on your marketing data to trace back all the data you need to make solid decisions. The reports even provide segments and their probability to become a lead or subscriber.

We’d sampled quite a few systems that converted Google Analytics into modern English and displayed some excellent reports. And we’ve messed with a ton of dashboarding tools out there… but none of them were providing either our clients the overview they needed nor providing us the insights we needed to make adjustments. PaveAI does both! The fact that they’ll also report on your analytics goals and session duration is also invaluable. Here’s a sample report:

PaveAI Sample Report – Lead Generation

PaveAI already processes the data of over 400 million visitors every month. They remove referrer spam automatically and bring in your newsletter subscription data as well.

PaveAI: Benefits and Use Cases

In their benchmarking, PaveAI has helped customers achieve an average 37% increase in lead generation or revenue after three months, and an average 2x retention for agencies over a one year period. Not to mention the time they’re helping marketers save in analyzing and compiling reports from the disparate systems.

Sign Up for a 14-Day Free PaveAI Trial

Pricing is incredibly affordable given the value of the data provided. PaveAI also has enterprise licensing, agency licensing, and whitelabeling available.

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