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Pipedrive: Visibility Into Your Sales Pipeline


Our business is a bit unique in that we’re a specialty agency that works with a select few clients. However, with this publication along with our overall social presence produces a lot of leads. So many leads, in fact, that we often don’t have the time and resources to filter and prequalify each of those leads to identify that leads that are perfect for our business. We know that we’ve missed some great opportunities.

As well, we don’t have the resources to nurture our leads. Until now. We’ve launched Pipedrive at the recommendation of some of our clients and partners to help us track, engage, and work through our prospect list more effectively. It’s time that we got organized, and Pipedrive is a perfect solution for our small business.


Pipedrive Features Include:

  • Pipeline Management – a clear visual interface that prompts you to take action, remain organized and stay in control of a complex sales process.
  • Activities and Goals – see your team members’ planned or overdue activities. Attach activities to deals and see your to-do list on one page that syncs with Google calendar.
  • Sales Reporting – tables and beautiful charts that allow you to understand with clarity how your team is performing.
  • Email Integration – BCC or seamlessly connect your email provider of choice where you can send emails directly from inside Pipedrive.
  • Sales Forecasting – view ongoing deals arranged by their likely close date next to deals you’ve already closed for easy comparison.
  • Data Import and Export – Import from Base CRM, Batchbook, Capsule CRM,, Highrise, Maximizer, NetSuite CRM, Nimble, Nutshell, PipelineDeals, Redtail CRM, Sage ACT!, Salesforce, Saleslogix, SugarCRM, and Zoho CRM.
  • Mobile Apps – Android and iOS Mobile apps incorporate the ability to add meetings, take call notes, make appointments, and even call tracking via the Pipedrive mobile application.

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