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RTB-Media: Real-Time Advertising, Cross-Channel Attribution and Insights

RTB Media Advertising Reporting for Desktop and Mobile

In an omnichannel advertising world, it’s getting more and more difficult for agencies and marketing teams to monitor the plethora of platforms out there, export data, import data, and format it into a central dashboard. It can take hours – hours that can cost a company a lot of money if the reports provide insight into a problem. RTB-Media has developed a central Ad Performance Dashboard where marketers can connect and feed their critical advertising data in real-time.

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And, of course, the reports are mobile-enabled:

RTB-Media Mobile Reporting

RTB-Media released Automated Spreadsheets, a tool that connects to any ad platform to pull in metrics via their API. Integrated with both Google Sheets and Excel, it enables marketers to pull important metrics directly into their pre-formatted spreadsheets, updating their customized charts and tables in real time.

RTB-Media Google Sheet Integration

RTB-Media Google Sheet Integration

Reporting is the core of our agency. RTB­-Media’s all­in­one reporting dashboard simplifies ad platform reporting, automatically presents cross-channel ad performance in an easy­to­understand online format and integrates with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Terry Whalen, President of Sum Digital

RTB­-Media’s Reporting Suite gives marketers:

  • Real-­time cross­channel updates via dashboard and custom automated spreadsheets or
    readily available spreadsheet templates.
  • Integrations with over 30 platforms including Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Bing,
    Twitter, Doubleclick, Google Analytics and YouTube.
  • Ability to track and customize critical metrics including revenue, post click conversions, post view conversions and many more.
  • Sashabot, an AI bot that lives in automated spreadsheets, answers any naturally­ phrased question regarding one’s data.
  • Access to daily, weekly, or monthly reports via email.


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