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Scoutsee: Monetize Social Media with an Affiliate Storefront


Scoutsee is a mobile tool that allows anyone to make money by promoting products they love and use everyday on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The methodology behind the platform is pretty cool. Build your own store on Scoutsee, add your products, and then the mobile app enables you sharing updates to those products with a shortened URL to the product on your store. If a product is purchased via the post, the Scoutsee user receives a commission from the sale, typically between six and ten percent of the purchase price.

The influencers on social networks are all targeted by influencer networks and other middlemen to broker transactions for promoting a brand’s products.  Scoutsee enables the millions of influencers on Instagram to facilitate their own transactions, individually or directly with brands. On Instagram, there are more than six million users with over 10,000 followers. Tom Kwon, co-founder and CEO of Scoutsee.

Scoutsee Features include:

  • Shoppable Instagram – Continue sharing what you love on Instagram and choose what you want to make shoppable. Product pics and posts on Instagram drive Followers to the Scoutsee user’s own store of curated products, each with a direct link to purchase.  When purchases are made, the commission is transferred to the Scoutsee user’s PayPal or bank account.
  • Personal Storefront – Easily curate and promote the products you love and use everyday.
  • Millions of Products – Choose products from thousands of brands and easily link to your social post. The Scoutsee product catalog contains more than 8,000 brands, including, Rakuten and EBay, with hundreds of millions of products across all categories.
  • Real-time Dashboard – View and analyze your shoppable posts and how your storefront is performing

Download the Scoutsee App!

Scoutsee works with brands and agencies to develop custom incentive packages for recruiting Scoutsees and provides dashboards for tracking performance.

Scoutsee was beta-tested and is now planning to launch its partnership with Spartan Race, the world’s leading obstacle race company. Spartan Race leveraged its passionate influencer community, who promoted events and lifestyle products through shop-able posts powered by Scoutsee on Instagram to their vast followings.  Click through rates saw double-digit increases and conversions were considerably above industry standards.

Scoutsee Spartan Race Promo

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