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Shakr: Create Your Own Business Videos Online Using Amazing Templates


I really am excited at the advancements in video over recent years. Every business has the opportunity to record video for their company, but it’s not easy. Aside from the quality of the video, lighting and audio, there’s the post production work that’s exhausting or expensive. I love doing videos, but tend to turn to blogging or podcasting because it’s just so much easier. For our clients to succeed, we’ve helped them build out studios so they can jump in front of the camera and simply press record.

Not everyone has the luxury of a video team to script, record, and process videos from scratch. If you’ve got the resources for video editing, sites like Videohive are great for exploring and finding videos to use for your projects. If you’ve got great videos but need a team to edit them professionally, Candidio is a great option.

But what if you’re proficient at recording video but your videos simply lack the creative touch that make videos amazing? That’s the solution that Shakr has built. They’ve combined a collection of amazing videos for your business:


Find the video you’d like to utilize – you can play it in its entirety:


And then open their simple user interface where you can drag and drop your videos or images directly into the scenes. No need for any advanced editing, transitions, or even typography… it’s all preset for you to export an amazing video.


You don’t have to pay for your video until you’re able to preview it in it’s entirety… a really great feature of the platform.

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