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SMS: How to Optimize and Grow Your Text Message Opt-Ins

Opt-In SMS

While other channels continue to be more popular, there’s one communication channel that continues to spectacularly outperform every channel when it comes to driving retail traffic, non-profit donations, and immediate engagement. That channel is sending a mobile text message via SMS.

SMS Marketing Statistics

  • Text messages via SMS have a read rate of 98%  Tweet This!
  • 9 out of 10 text messages are opened within 3 seconds of being received  Tweet This!
  • 29% of people targeted with SMS opt-in campaigns respond to the message  Tweet This!
  • 14% of people targeted will make a purchase resulting from the original opt-in message  Tweet This!
  • 60% of people opt-in to text messages to receive coupons  Tweet This!

We’ve shared how to write great SMS messages and how to build great SMS campaigns, but you first have to get users to opt-in!

SMS opt-in campaigns are intended to be attractive to targeted customers, but if opt-in messages don’t give customer what they want or become invasive in their delivery, the campaigns won’t work. Learn how to optimize your opt-in campaign so that customers are persuaded to engage with your messages not just once but continuously. Neon SMS

Neon SMS of Ireland put together this comprehensive infographic, Optimising SMS Opt-Ins, that walks a marketer through every aspect of text message marketing and increasing the performance of your SMS opt-in efforts, including:

  • Providing average SMS opt-in rates per channel by placement.
  • The main reasons for people choosing to opt-in
  • SMS Opt-In message legal requirements
  • How to build an SMS opt-in list through advertising
  • How to optimise your SMS opt-in strategy
  • How to convince customers to opt-in to your SMS strategy
  • How to target your intended customers to opt-in

Optimising SMS Opt-Ins


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