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The Benefits of Video for Search, Social, Email, Support… and More!

Video for Search Engine Referrals

We’ve recently expanded our team at our agency to include a seasoned videographer, Harrison Painter. It’s an area that we know we’re lacking. While we script and execute amazing animated video as well as produce great podcasts, our video blogging (vlog) is nonexistent.

Video isn’t easy. The dynamics of lighting, video quality, as well as audio are difficult to do well. We simply don’t want to produce average videos that may or may not get noticed, we want to be a force in the industry and have edutainment-style videos that all of you both enjoy and have the added benefit of learning from. We’ve hired some amazing videographers for our clients, but we want the consistency of a team member here on the blog to produce amazing videos regularly across topics of interest.

We’re not alone. 91% of marketers plan to increase or maintain investment in video this year  Tweet This!. Key to our video strategy is the additional channel coverage it will provide in both search engines and in video platform searches, not to mention the human connection that video provides. The benefits aren’t a secret:

  • 76% of businesses have found their videos producing a good return on investment  Tweet This!
  • 93% found that videos have increased user understanding of their product or service  Tweet This!
  • 62% have stated that using video increased the amount of organic traffic they receive  Tweet This!
  • 64% have remarked that use of videos has directly led to increased sales  Tweet This!

This infographic from Take1, How Your Videos Can Become a Search Engine’s Best Friend, walks through a plethora of other benefits. From publicity, customer support, conversion, social sharing, to even improving your email marketing, video has an impact on virtually every element of your digital marketing efforts.

Find out in our infographic below which contains a super amount of information including how marketers are currently using video, ways to amplify the popularity of your video content and the increasing power of sharing (plus, loads of intriguing stats). Take1

Take1, a transcription service, also makes a compelling case for closed captioning, transcripts and adding subtitles to your videos. Here’s the infographic:

Video for Search

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