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The Rise of People-Based Marketing and Advertising

People Based Advertising

In their whitepaper on People-Based Marketing, Atlas provides some interesting statistics on people-based marketing and advertising. While spending more time on mobile overall, 25% of people use 3 or more devices per day, and 40% of people switch devices to complete an activity  Tweet This!

What is People-Based Marketing?

Some applications and platforms offer advertisers the ability to upload prospect or customer lists to match users between the two. Lists can be uploaded and matched to users within the parent system based off of email address. Then the advertiser can target those lists with specific campaigns.

I find myself directly in these cross-hairs. I utilize my mobile phone to flip through emails and social, then my tablet to respond to many, and then I get down to the core work on my laptop. This, of course, is a huge problem for advertisers. Utilizing web-cookie methodology, it’s extremely difficult to connect the breadcrumbs and identify your prospect or customer across each device they’re utilizing.

According to Nielson OCR Norms:

  • 58% of cookie-based measurement is overstated  Tweet This!
  • 141% understatement of frequency in cookie-based measurement  Tweet This!
  • 65% accuracy in demographic targeting in cookie-based measurement  Tweet This!
  • 12% of conversions are missed with cookie-based measurement  Tweet This!

That’s why people-based marketing is on the rise. Rather than marketing to browser cookies and attempting to connect the dots, a company can upload their prospect or customer list directly to the advertising platform and then target those users across any device. It’s not foolproof – many people utilize different email addresses between their social platforms and business platforms. But it has some incredible advantages over typical targeting and segmentation processes.

Signal and Econsultancy surveyed 358 senior North American brand marketers and agency media buyers to understand the impact and future of addressable media within their organizations. We discovered that advertisers are ready to increase their investments in addressable media solutions that tie their advertising to real customers in real time, empowering them to target digital ads with more precision and relevancy. Ultimately, people-based advertising is a strategy for them to overcome the challenges of a cross-device world.

The results are impressive! 70% of advertisers described their first-party targeting results as good or expected  Tweet This!, 63% of advertisers report improved click-through rates  Tweet This!, and 60% of advertisers experienced higher conversion rates  Tweet This! Here’s the full infographic from Signal:

People-Based Marketing and Advertising

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