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TubeMogul: Digital Video Ad Planning and Buying Across Channels

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eMarketer predicted the average advertising spending budget breakdown is 88% TV, 7% digital video and 5% for mobile video. With second screen and mobile video viewing rising so rapidly, TubeMogul has found that enabling a cross-channel strategy can increase awareness and reduce overall advertising costs per viewer.

In fact, in a Case Study, TubeMogul found that message recall was 190% greater for those who saw the ad on TV only and was 209% greater for online only compared to those who did not see an ad at all. The strongest recall, however, was for those who saw the ad on both screens. Viewers who saw the ad on TV and online had a recall of 39% or 255% greater than those who did not see an ad.

The problem, of course, is how a marketer can plan across screens with their video advertising. Tubemogul transforms planning from an infrequent and cumbersome process with a dynamic tool to which marketers always have access. Using software gives advertisers the flexibility to create many plans throughout the year and adjust plans when strategies change. TubeMogul enables advertisers to plan, buy, measure and optimize their video advertising across screens, including:

  • Digital Video Advertising – in-stream and in-banner inventory, standard and interactive pre-roll formats are the most common for digital video advertising.
  • Mobile Video Advertising – mobile advertising for growing video bandwidth.
  • Social Media Video Advertising – TubeMogul is one of the first video buying platforms to integrate with the Facebook API. You can now integrate your video advertising on Facebook and Instagram alongside existing linear TV, digital video, and display advertising initiatives.
  • Programmatic Television Advertising – By automating the television ad buying process, our Programmatic TV (PTV) solution allows you to buy TV ads using software, giving you access to inventory and audiences unavailable through traditional methods of television ad buying.

TubeMogul offers premium inventory as well as an RTB marketplace, audience targeting through demographic, geographic, behavioral and contextual audience insights, ad verification reporting, and workflow tools for execution and optimization.

TubeMoguls has also been named a leader among Video Advertising Demand-Side Platforms in The Forrester Wave™. They also offer a comprehensive training curriculum and certification program for brand marketers through TubeMogul Academy.

Download TubeMogul’s White Paper on Cross-Screen Planning

TubeMogul is available to both brands and agencies.

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