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Video Marketing Statistics That You May Not Have Known!

Video Marketing Statistics

Whether it’s social videos, daily stories, real-time videos, or any other video strategy, we live in a world where more video content is produced and consumed than ever in history. Of course, that’s both a great opportunity and an enormous challenge because a lot of video content is being produced and never actually seen. This infographic from Website reveals the latest video marketing statistics.

10 Facts about Video Marketing

  • 78.4% of United States users watch online videos  Tweet This!
  • Men spend 44% more time than women on YouTube  Tweet This!
  • Ages 25-34 in the United States have the highest video viewer penetration at 90%  Tweet This!
  • Half of all americans (164.5 million) watched digital TV in 2016  Tweet This!
  • 72% of social marketers want to learn video marketing  Tweet This!
  • Video in social media increases sharing tenfold  Tweet This!
  • According to Facebook, by 2018, 90% of their content will be video based  Tweet This!
  • 96% of all marketers invested in video marketing in 2016  Tweet This!
  • 70% of ad agencies believe video ads are as or more effective than TV  Tweet This!
  • The gross revenue ROI of video relative to TV is 1.27 times higher when used with TV  Tweet This!

There’s no coincidence that we’re not working on converting our Indianapolis podcast studio into a full video studio with real-time capabilities. We continue to see great results with video – we just have to move faster to capitalize on it. The challenge is that the software and hardware necessary are dropping in price while integrating some amazing broadcast capabilities for the web. If we dive too early, we’ll spend too much. But if we dive too late, we’re going to miss the momentum!

As always, I’ll share the direction we head with you!

Video Marketing Statistics

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