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Whatagraph: Create Beautiful Infographics from Google Analytics

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Let’s face it, Google Analytics is a mess for the average business. For professionals who spend a lot of time in the platform, it’s a full-featured and robust analytics platform that we’re familiar with and that we can filter and narrow down to get the answer to any question we might have. As an agency, we are not the average business but even we have issues dissecting the data at times.

Our clients – even technical customers – continue to struggle with implementing and measuring analytics to a point where they are comfortable making informed marketing and business decisions based on the results. For that reason, we’ve honestly pushed our clients away from logging into Google Analytics, sending automated reports or even building customized dashboards. Instead, we rely on automated systems that produce simple overview reports for our clients.

Whatagraph takes it a step further, building out Google Analytics data into beautiful infographics that are paginated and can be viewed via browser or delivered via PDF. Sign up, add your Google Analytics account, select your property, and you’re instantly up and running.


The output is fast, with a visual aspect of every analytics metric, including:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly or year to date reports with a comparison to the previous year’s period
  • Total visitor count, by day, including new versus returning visitor data
  • Total sessions, average session time and bounce rate
  • Total page views, page views per session, and session by browser
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop sessions
  • Sources of traffic with search, social, direct and other top sources broken out
  • Sessions by country and city

The Pro and Agency versions offer some additional insights, including:

  • Trending pages that are rising in views and declining in views
  • Total completed goals, value, and conversion rate
  • Pages with the most increased bounce rate, highest bounce rate, and exit count
  • Channels with the highest increase in traffic, highest decline in traffic, highest increase in bounce rate, and the most improved bounce rate
  • Top pages and their loading times
  • Most popular inside searches
  • Devices that may be causing issues because they have an extremely high bounce rate

whatagraph google analytics infographic

If you sign up as an agency, you can even whitelabel the output reports, adding your color scheme and a logo.


You can sign up for Whatagraph on a free trial and then upgrade after 14 days to the version of your choice.

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The only enhancement I’d love to see on a platform like this is the ability to specify a segment rather than just exporting all data. Google Analytics has a huge problem with referrer spam, so the base numbers can be skewed a lot for properties with smaller volumes of traffic.

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